We are fortunate to have the following talented and dedicated music specialists on our team.

Ben GailerPiano
Ben Fernandez – Piano, Keyboard
Beverley Brockelbank – Oboe, Flute, Concert Band, Wind Orchestra, Sinfonia Orchestra
Calvin Baker – Voice
Chris Mason-Battley – Saxophone
Jenny Bersola – Voice
Jessica Alloway – Violin
Joanne Johnston – Cello
Jono Sawyer – Drums, Jazz Combos
Lorna Wright – Flute 
Lukas Fritsch – Saxophone, Clarinet, Jazz Improvisation
Maeve Herd – Voice
Mark Close – Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba
Mark Hobson – Clarinet
Matt Cook – Viola
Matt Stone – Bass Guitar, Voice, Keyboard, Music Technology
Mia Camilleri – Trumpet, French Horn
Ruth Brinkman – Bassoon
Tim Gittins – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Tom Leggett – Drums
​​​​​​​Travis Hill – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Wil Goodinson – Double Bass, Guitar, Jazz Bass