Bullying Policy

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Child Protection Policy

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Cellphone Policy

Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school. Recent international research along with feedback from staff and students clearly indicates that cell phones at school are a major distraction for our students. Our policy is designed to ensure that the learning of all students is maximised, while minimising any potential for distraction.

If students choose to bring a cell phone, it must be switched to ‘silent’ and deposited in the ‘cell phone box’ at the start of each and every class. This ensures that the phone is not a distraction to students or teachers during classes.

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Concerns and Complaints Policy

Rationale: The Board of Trustees recognises the importance of a clear communication and complaints process. Successful education is more likely to be achieved for students when the College and community work together.

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Attendance Policy

Consistent attendance is a key factor in educational achievement, as well as being a legal obligation on the part of parents of guardians.  There is a very strong correlation between high levels of attendance and high levels of achievement.

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Use of Electronic Media

The use by students or staff of the internet, telephone or any other electronic media to threaten, abuse, bully or disrespect any student or staff member (either between staff, between students or between staff and students) which in any way affects ability to function within the school may be the subject of disciplinary action.

The use of the internet and/or any other form of electronic media in such a way that it brings the school into disrespect may be the subject of disciplinary action.

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