Child Protection Policy

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Cellphone and iPod Policy

Student cell phones in the classroom must remain out of sight, on silent mode, unless explicit permission is given by the teacher. Permission must only be given for work related activities. The classroom is defined as all rooms, including the tutor room. Cell phone use at break time is discouraged but allowed. If used inappropriately, the student will be banned from having a phone at school for a period of ten weeks.

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Communications and Complaints

Rationale: The Board recognises the importance of clear, bidirectional communication and complaints processing. Successful education is more likely to be achieved for students when the College and community work together. 

Policy: The Board requires the College to have a Procedure that is readily accessible by students and care-givers and that a complaint will be investigated in a clear, appropriate and professional manner

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Use of Electronic Media

The use by students or staff of the internet, telephone or any other electronic media to threaten, abuse, bully or disrespect any student or staff member (either between staff, between students or between staff and students) which in any way affects ability to function within the school may be the subject of disciplinary action.

The use of the internet and/or any other form of electronic media in such a way that it brings the school into disrespect may be the subject of disciplinary action.

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