Rangitoto College offers prospective staff an opportunity to work in a very exciting and stimulating environment. Our students are a diverse group of young people who all share high motivation to succeed. They value education and hold staff in high regard. Students are appreciative of all the opportunities that the school provides for them. For a quick insight into student life see the following article in the Sunday Star Times: click here.

In 2016 the school received the Prime Ministers Award for school governance: click here. 

The school has received two successive highly complementary 5 year E.R.O. reports. The latest report can be viewed here

Staff at the college work in a highly collegial environment. Because of our large size every facility brings together a large range of talented professionals—all of whom have special abilities and interests. New staff receive a formal induction programme, they are given a mentor and a buddy. However, it is the large amount of informal support and resource sharing that is most commented upon.  There is an extensive two year programme for beginning teachers.  An overview of this can be viewed here.

The College puts a great deal of emphasis on professional development for all staff both teaching and non-teaching. The school meets half the cost of further University training. A large professional development budget has sent staff to major conferences in New Zealand, Australia, USA and the UK.  Teaching staff are supported by an in-house ‘professional development lead group’ (PDLG). The PDLG team consists of up to 8 experienced teachers on half a teaching load which enables them to provide in class, just in time, support across all faculties. Information on their services can be viewed here. The school runs a wide range of professional development presentations, as well as weekly 15 minute forums in which staff present practical ideas of interest to each other. A middle leadership programme assists those who are looking to grow in this area. There are numerous opportunities for in-school promotion. Staff with ability and ambition are able to choose or move between curriculum, pastoral and administrative responsibilities. This year 19 staff were appointed to Community of Learning responsibilities and allowances. The reputation of the school is such that over the last 3 years an additional 26 teachers have advanced their careers through promotion to more senior positions at other schools.

All subject areas in the school are extremely well resourced.  Each Department has its own resource centre and staff workroom. High speed wireless internet is across the campus to compliment the BYOD practices. Teachers who teach a full teaching load will generally have their own classroom unless they require a variety of specialist rooms.  The school Library offers an outstanding array of services to staff and students for both professional and personal use.

Rangitoto College has a longstanding reputation for excellence in New Zealand Education. The school’s academic results are outstanding. They can be viewed here.  Every year between 40 and 60 of the school’s sports men and women represent New Zealand in their chosen code. The standard of Performing Arts across all genres is simply world class.

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