Staff at the college work in a highly collegial environment. Because of our large size, every faculty brings together a range of talented professionals, all of whom have special abilities and interests. A formal induction programme is in place for all new staff. Professional development is provided throughout the year to introduce the systems and processes of Rangitoto College to new staff, no matter what time of the year that they join us. 

There is an extensive two year programme for beginning teachers including a personalised mentor providing weekly guidance on pedagogy and classroom practice. The material covered is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the individual. Each new teacher is given a buddy to help them learn the ropes of their department. In addition, overseas trained teachers are provided specific mentoring and support to understand the nuances of the New Zealand education system. Observation and professional coaching is also provided by Specialist Classroom Teachers and members of the Kāhui Ako team. Alongside this is the large amount of informal support and resource sharing that is commonplace in the Rangitoto College culture.

Staff employed at the College have access to outstanding professional opportunities and career development. Staff with ability and ambition are supported to explore leadership in curriculum, pastoral and organisational areas.

Professional learning opportunities for teachers are unrivalled in choice and scale. At Rangitoto College, we see teachers and students collectively as learners. Key to achieving this goal is ensuring that all teaching staff are provided with challenging, engaging and rich PLD opportunities to develop their practice. Members of the Kahui Ako specialising in teacher PLD facilitate a robust programme that includes:

  • Collaborative teacher inquiry
  • Certification courses that deeply embed pedagogy
  • Professional reading groups
  • Weekly teacher forums / talks that challenge thinking and promote shared practice
  • Middle leaders development programme
  • Training and support for new leaders

Provisionally certificated teachers and new staff are supported through robust programmes of induction and mentoring, with the guidance of our dedicated Specialist Classroom Teacher team. The College is one of eight schools in the Mid Bays Kahui Akō also known as the Community of Learning (CoL). Our schools are working together to share best practice and improve outcomes for our learners across all schools in our community.

For our support staff, working at Rangitoto provides numerous opportunities throughout the day to interact with young people. Whether working directly with students though our Learning Centre supported programmes, using exceptional skills as a department technician or providing key receptionist, enrolment or administration services, our support staff are appreciated for their willingness to go the extra mile and showcase their exceptional skills.

Rangitoto College provides an ideal environment to make a difference in the lives of our students, and our staff are a valued as an integral part of our College community.

All subject areas in the school are extremely well resourced.  Each Department has its own resource centre and staff workroom. High speed wireless internet is across the campus to compliment the BYOD practices. Teachers who teach a full teaching load will generally have their own classroom unless they require a variety of specialist rooms.  The school Library offers an outstanding array of services to staff and students for both professional and personal use. Take a virtual aschool tour here.

Rangitoto College has a longstanding reputation for excellence in New Zealand Education. The school’s academic results are outstanding. Every year between 40 and 60 of the school’s sports men and women represent New Zealand in their chosen code. The standard of Performing Arts across all genres is simply world class.

The school received the Prime Ministers Award for school governance: click here

The school has received two successive highly complementary 5 year E.R.O. reports. The latest report can be viewed here