The Fundamentals Choir will take part in the Big Sing Cadenza Festival – at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre – along with 11 other choirs from the Upper North Island.

Cadenza combines the excitement of a competitive, Finale-style event with the extra dimension of massed workshops, featuring an international choral specialist who also acts as adjudicator. These two-day events, which involve a total of 36 choirs from across New Zealand, culminate in a public gala concert where all choirs at the festival showcase an item from their Cadenza repertoire and sing together music prepared with our international guest.

The 2021 Cadenza festivals will take place in three centres – one in the South Island, one in the lower North Island and one in the upper North Island – with 12 choirs in each. Those invited to attend Cadenza are the 12 choirs from their area ranked immediately below those selected for Finale, with a limit of one choir per school.

Competing choirs present two recitals, each consisting of two items. A maximum of 8 minutes’ total performance time is allowed for each recital.