Curriculum: Scholarship Programme

A rigorous and exciting scholarship programme challenges each individual student. Our extensive curriculum allows us to run separate timetabled scholarship classes, enabling students to focus fully on the skills needed for university.

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Our scholarship classes are complemented with motivational speakers, breakfast workshops and provider visits, all designed to provoke debate and inspire critical thinking.

A purpose-built scholarship room is provided in the library, enabling scholarship candidates to work either individually or with like-minded peers. Students intending to study abroad are well catered for, with advice and guidance provided around entry requirements, scholarship applications, SATs and interviews.

Every year Rangitoto College students are accepted into prestigious universities, both in the Asia-Pacific region, and further afield, including Ivy League Colleges in America and top universities in the United Kingdom.

In 2022, 117 Rangitoto College students achieved an incredible 202 scholarships, including 20 achieved at the ‘outstanding’ level. Scholarships were achieved in 29 different subjects. Four students received outstanding scholar awards and two gained top in the country subject award for Statistics and Earth Space Science. One Year 10 student gained a Calculus pass. Rangitoto College.  In 2022, Rangitoto College gained over 200 scholarship passes for the fifth year in a row.

We provide an extensive framework that inspires students to experience the very best that the future has to offer, to become active shapers of the future rather than passive consumers. Our core junior programme includes English, Mathematics, Science, Junior Social Science, Digital Technology and one of four Languages (Māori, Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish), Health, Music and Physical Education.

A diverse range of additional options is offered to give students three further choices from Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Business and Economics, Electronics, Textile Technology and Food Technology, Design and Visual Communication, Materials Technology, and Performance Music.

In Year 10, students can begin to explore specialised subjects to meet their individual interests and strengths. In the senior years, the College accommodates the widest possible combination of study choices, offering well over seventy subjects at Year 12 and an unparalleled twenty-six Scholarship subjects in Year 13.

Having such a huge range of subjects to choose from, such as Art History, Business Studies, Classics, Electronics and Sociology, ensures that every student’s interests are catered for.

All students are challenged to fulfil their diverse and individual ambitions.

Extensive data, collected from contributing schools and extended by further testing, is used to identify and track the academic well-being of individual students.

It is our aim to develop, through good teaching practice, the literacy of all our students, enhancing their ability to use and understand those language forms required for successful communication in society. To support their learning students are required to bring a computer device.

2022 Rangitoto College – over 200 scholarship passes for the fifth year in a row.

New Zealand Scholarship is the pinnacle of senior academic achievement, a challenging and demanding examination for the most able students.

Across the country, only 3% of Year 13 students are awarded scholarship. At Rangitoto College all students intending to undertake tertiary study are encouraged to enter scholarship in order to develop the skills and dispositions needed for success at University. We don’t just want students to qualify for University, we want them to excel.

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