Career changer? Recent graduate? Train to teach with Rangitoto College!

Rangitoto College is proud to be a founding school within the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Trainee Programme (ASTTP)—a course that sees talented prospective teachers train in schools while completing their qualifications through Waikato University. The accessibility of experience and professional development from our highly qualified teachers allows the trainees a rewarding and enriching learning journey while gaining their teaching qualification. 

Hear from our four of our trainee teachers who are completing the programme while at Rangitoto College this year:


Zoe Kyne

I am a part of the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training Programme 2024. I had been working in retail while I completed my Bachelor of Communications, and then moved into retail management for several years. I have found this programme to be an invaluable experience. The programme allows you to build strong relationships with the students and teachers right from day one, as opposed to the usual five-week placements. You get to see how the classroom is set up for the year, observe your mentor in class and build strong relationships with your students. In the first term, you are given opportunities to lead activities and then build into teaching full lessons. The programme sets you up alongside a mentor to guide you and provide valuable feedback on your teaching practice.

Rangitoto College is a wonderful school to begin my teacher journey with. The teachers are inspiring and dedicated, and the resources and support the school offers have aided me in my journey. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity.


Caitlyn Jones

After beginning my preservice teacher training at the University of Waikato I had the privilege to be placed here at Rangitoto College for my observation placement. It was during this time that I got to meet the amazing staff and students who work and study in our Technology department and I was asked to join the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training Programme for 2024. I lept at the opportunity to be immersed in the College and all it has to offer since mid-February. I have formed strong and supportive relationships with both my Mentor Teachers in Textiles Technology and Materials Technology as well as with my fellow ASTTP preservice trainees and many of the other Rangitoto Staff members. Being able to teach in classes across the technology department has given me the opportunity to teach and form connections with a range of students here, and helping them discover their potential in their chosen subjects has been such a fulfilling experience. The support I have felt entering into the Rangitoto community has been incredible and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year here will bring.


Kevin Huh

Kia ora, hello and annyeonghaseyo. I am fortunate to be a part of the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training Programme for this year at Rangitoto College. This programme has helped enhance my teaching skills and develop innovative pedagogies for education. For the past seven years, I have studied as a postgraduate student and worked as an English teacher in Korea. I enjoyed studying social science and teaching so much that I merged the two to become a social science/history teacher. I am a proud Rangitoto alumnus, and it is a privilege to train at my alma mater. It may be my bias, but I genuinely believe that this is the best school in Aotearoa, New Zealand, not only for students but also for student teachers. I am grateful to have an incredible mentor, to be surrounded by an exceptional group of teachers in the social science department, and to be a part of this wonderful kura.


Ellie Crowe

Prior to leaping into the Waikato Teacher Training programme, I lived many different lives – a peer mentor to university students while completing my Master of Design degree, a clothing retail assistant, a barista trainer/supervisor, and a customer care agent at Starbucks NZ. Through all these experiences I discovered my underlying love of serving young people, that helping them figure out the hard stuff and find success was the most rewarding aspect of my work. I was up for a new challenge and sought to connect my passions in the context of education. As soon as I heard about the Waikato programme, I knew it was the right one for me.

As a practical hands-on person, this programme allows me to learn the art of teaching day-by-day in practice, and build professional relationships with my classes over the course of the year. Being accepted into the department space to walk alongside the many amazing visual arts and performing arts teachers we have at Rangitoto College has encouraged me greatly, where I can feel the ebb and flow of school life, and dip into their streams of golden advice. My two wonderful mentors give me great opportunities to bring in my own creativity and try out my learning at a pace that works for me. They always have time to answer my questions, point me toward fantastic resources, and provide helpful feedback on my work. I am so grateful for their guidance, my place in the programme, and I am excited to see my future unfold in this beautiful profession.


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