This term, the Year 10 Textiles class delved into sustainability by creating wearable art from materials destined for landfill. Using milk bottle tops, salt bags, bubble wrap, and old airbeds, they crafted stunning garments. The students worked together in groups, pouring their creativity into these eco-friendly designs, with the top 10 pieces selected for the Eye on Nature Wearable Art competition by the Beautification Trust in Manukau.

Excitement peaked as students travelled to the Due Drops Event Center on Wednesday, June 12th, for a dress rehearsal and judging. Models, adorned in their upcycled masterpieces, practised their catwalk routines and finalised their looks. The following night, the public show was a dazzling success, with each model confidently showcasing their outfits, complemented by expert hair and makeup.

This competition highlighted the importance of sustainability and creative reuse. By transforming discarded items into high-fashion statements, the Year 10 Textiles class showed that with imagination and effort, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future. The audience’s applause affirmed that the future of fashion—and the planet—could be in very capable hands.