During Week 6, Rangitoto College celebrated our 2024 Samoan Language Week!

The theme for this year was: Tautua i le alofa, manuia le lumana’i, which translates to: Serve in love for a blessed future. This year’s theme falls under the overarching theme of sustainability. Sustainability is an important theme because it encourages others of Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Island, Tahitian, and other Pacific descents to continue speaking their mother tongue, while also performing and continuing our traditions, in order to remember and celebrate our roots and culture. 

We performed a Siva Samoan dance at assemblies, played lape on the courts, put on a lole lei making workshop, and ended our week with dances and chop suey.  

We are encouraged to serve in our common values of love, respect, and resilience in order to preserve our cultural heritage and traditions.