Why I volunteer as an Exam Support Assistant/Reader/Writer:

I began volunteering as a reader/writer seven years ago when my son (who has dyslexia) first started at Rangitoto College.  The Learning support team was just so fantastic with him and when they put out a call for readers/writers to help in exams I felt it was one way I could give back to the department and school.  I felt teachers had enough to do and this was one way I could help out.

The Learning Support department run the exams like a well-oiled machine, they make timetabling super easy; you can volunteer for as many or as few exams as you are able to do around your other commitments. They are just so grateful for any help received. 

As a reader/writer, depending on the individual students’ needs, I am required to either read, write, or do both in order to help them achieve exam completion to the best of their ability.  I love that I can help these kids feel a little less anxious, less stressed, calmer, and more in control of their outcome. 

Often the students visibly relax when I tell them I’m not a teacher – just a mum that wants to help them.  I’ve learnt to be super understanding, non-judgemental and have been so impressed with the resilience, ability, and intelligence of these students and have personally loved learning about so many broad subjects that certainly weren’t available in my schooling days!

I got so much joy out of doing these in-school exams I now do so for the NCEA exams at the end of the year. 

Come join the fabulous team that helps these students achieve their potential!


Angela Stanger