“Having the opportunity to compete in the National Spanish Debate Competition in 2024 was one of the most challenging yet exciting experiences. It was an extremely fun day being completely immersed in Spanish and competing in a foreign language, which forced all of us to step outside of our comfort zone. Despite this, as the Year 13 team, we were able to win all but one of our debates, taking us all the way into the finals. It was especially hard when we had to debate in front of everyone in the final round against Kristin. However, after all this, achieving second place in the open category made the day all the more fulfilling, especially after debating alongside the rest of my team since Year 11 and spending so many weeks preparing for the big day. Seeing one of our junior teams winning all of their debates and ultimately placing first in their category really contributed to this sense of pride in our school. Seeing all the different schools debating was amazing, which helped us learn new vocabulary and grammar structures that we would not have learnt otherwise. The overall atmosphere was so supportive and encouraging; this was definitely one of my highlights of the year”.

Layla Clarke Year 13