Readers Cup

The annual Readers Cup competition was hotly contested this year at Te Manawa Library on Wednesday 19 June. Year 9 students, Ashley Fang, Jules Bouges, Mia Long, Ricki Ruan, and Taran Bates represented the school exceptionally well. We were so proud of their commitment and how they worked together as a team. The team came 4th and were only 5 points off the winners, so it was very close. Thank you to the parents who helped transport and support the students, we appreciate the effort you made. 

“Honestly, if I were to describe the Readers Cup in one sentence, it would be hard. The whole competition is about putting all the knowledge you’ve learnt and applying it to questions you predicted might come up. It was an amazing experience, not only to create a bond with my teammates, but to also immerse myself in new genres of reading I’ve never explored before.” Ricki

“It was such a wholesome and thrilling experience that I would definitely recommend it to any future enthusiasts of literature.” Mia

“I had a great time and the competition helped me meet new people.”  Joules


Book Club

Mrs Hurley and the book club students thanked Ms Tilbury for assisting with the book club for over 10 years. The students loved her positive energy and having the chance to interact with such an avid reader. Ongoing school commitments mean she is unable to continue this role and we have been lucky to have her involvement for so long.