On June 7th, Rangitoto College hosted Korean Night, an annual event dedicated to showcasing and honouring both the traditional and contemporary facets of Korean culture. This year’s festivities were brimming with an array of captivating performances, spanning from Taekwondo and doll dances to fan dances, Nanta, mask dances, traditional dances, Haka, rap, K-pop dances, and live bands.

The auditorium buzzed with energy as over 900 attendees soaked in the spectacle. Our Korean Committee leaders Youna Hong and Yoseb Kim, alongside Miss Noh and dedicated members under the guidance of TIC, poured their hearts into organising this event. Performers invested over four months of intensive preparation, culminating in a remarkable display of talent and dedication.

Our gratitude extends to all the students, staff members, and sponsors whose contributions made Korean Night 2024 an immense success and a cherished memory for all involved.