IB CORE – CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)

A crucial part of the IB CORE is Creativity/Activity/Service (CAS) which requires students to plan, act, and reflect on a range of activities under the three categories. For Creativity, students often knit, paint, debate, sing for choir, cook, or learn a musical instrument. Common activities for Service include coaching sports, helping older members of the community, and tutoring younger students. For the Activity category students might play team or individual sports, or simply walk their dog regularly. Participating in these activities helps to integrate students into their local community, develop them into well-rounded students, and develop student leadership skills.

CAS Activity Day at MERC in Term 1 helps the Year 12 cohort to get to know each other and gain collaborative skills. It also allows them to gain some initial ‘activity hours’ whilst gaining crucial skills. Some favourite activities of the day were the Tree Climb, Giant Paddle Board, and Raft Making. CAS Creativity Day is upcoming in the last week of Term 2. Students use this day to develop their creativity portfolio. 



Students undertaking the IB Diploma must take a second language. There are four levels of language ability with students taking the language course at their knowledge level, for some an absolute beginners course and for others a second mother tongue language. 

Some Year 13 students sat final language exams in May, this year in the following languages: Malay, Macedonian, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and Dutch. We look forward to celebrating the results with them next week. Year 13 Language B students last week completed their Oral assessments in the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and English B. Congratulations to all Year 13 IB students who rose to this challenge exceptionally well.