The Arts Leadership Team organised another fabulous event this term to a packed out auditorium of frenzied supporters.  This time, it was Karaoke with a Disney twist…!

Performers took to the stage, belting out their favourite Disney tunes, while our enthusiastic audience encouraged and cheered them on, creating a magical atmosphere. We were treated to songs from The Lion King, Frozen 2, Tangled, Wish, and High School Musical. Everyone had a chance to shine and had a blast.

Thanks to all the students who performed and special thanks to our Year 12 student leaders who organised the event so well, and all the staff and students who helped out.  Also, many thanks to our sponsors, Tob Coffee, Abi, Cookietime, and Tiptop who kindly supported our event

The Arts Leadership Team is looking forward to entertaining you with more exciting events this year. Arts Week and the much anticipated Rangi’s Got Talent will be held in Week 10 of Term 2, and Battle of the Bands is planned for Term 3.