Every year, the students of Rangitoto College gather together to celebrate a night full of Chinese culture. On Thursday, June 27th, 80 students took to the stage to perform in our annual Chinese Night.

Months of rigorous practice and preparation culminated in a night filled with vibrant performances that celebrated Chinese culture in all its glory. The event included traditional performances such as Lion Dance, Diabolo, and various Chinese dances, which highlighted the beauty and precision of these age-old arts. These timeless acts were beautifully complemented by modern performances, including dynamic hip hop routines, spectacular singing, and impressive band performances – reflecting the fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary influences.

A massive thanks to all the students who performed and an especially special thanks to Eileena Bao, Rebecca Wang, and the rest of their Chinese Leadership team without whom the event would not have been so successful.

Lastly, thank you to all the staff who helped out on the night. You guys rock!