Kia orana, Nisa bula vinaka, Talofa lava, and Malo e lelei, 


On Wednesday 28th February, the Pacific Tutor class at Rangitoto College hosted their first whānau hui. The Year 13 Pacific leaders, Charlie Hodge and Ben Bibbie hosted a successful evening with over 180 people in attendance. As the first of its kind, the Pacific hui allowed our students, their families, and their teachers to come together to celebrate the announcement of the Pacific Committee Leaders, watch a beautiful Siva dance performance, and hear about the exciting academic initiatives in this space. After the evening, Year 12 student Rosita Misipati, was looking forward to the year because it will give her an opportunity to choreograph more Siva performances for everyone to enjoy. 


One of our new initiatives is that we will provide Year 11 students with a study space where study skills will be shared with them by our academic leaders. This will be a bridge, a stepping stone from the familiarity of Year 10 to help students approach the Rangitoto Diploma with confidence. Year 11 student Mikey Sykes, is excited to promote this space after having attended the first session.  One-on-one mentoring and support options will still continue for our Year 12 and Year 13 students. Our attendance at Polyfest and the Polynesian Panthers workshop serve as a catalyst for increasing and strengthening the bonds within our Pacific cohort. Year 11 student, Terily Taua looks at these events as amazing and fun ways to connect with her culture and learn about other cultures. All of these exciting initiatives and events allow our students to lead by example and create an environment where every Pacific student feels empowered to step into the greatness they are capable of. 


Amidst laughter, smiles, music, delicious food, and dancing, the Pacific whānau hui was a resounding success. The evening was a testament to the power of our Pacific community in coming together and succeeding as a community. 


A big thank you to our PA Tutor class for decorating, hosting the evening, and packing up afterwards. Thank you to our Deputy Principal, Olivia Newman, and PA Tutor teachers, Diana Tuisalega and Carmelita Maletino for their dedication to growing this space in our kura. 


We look forward to hosting our next hui in Term 3.