New Zealand’s training squad for the 2024 International Mathematical Olympiad was announced last month and three students from Rangitoto College have been selected – a record high in the history of the school. They are Gwang Ho Kim from Year 11, Banghan (Edward) Xiao, and Yunxuan (Alan) Sun, who are both in Year 12 this year. 

In retrospect, these three young men did well in NZMO Round 1 last July so they were invited to sit the NZMO Round 2 in August. All of them excelled in that event and were consequently asked to the NZMO training camp in January. It is a privileged invitation as only the top 25 students nationwide were called upon to attend. Their hard work and focus at the summer holiday camp resulted in all three students achieving at the top half of the participants. Those top 13 students then formed the NZMO training squad. They have recently finished the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2 and Australian Mathematical Olympiad. Next Month, they will sit the Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad in order to fight for a spot on the final team of six who will head to Bath, UK in July 2024. We wish them good luck for April and beyond.

It is also worth mentioning that all three students achieved Scholarship in Calculus last year. An achievement that is a real testament to their dedication and hard work.