Rangitoto College has once again received incredible results in both the NCEA and Scholarship exams in 2023.


The Scholarship exams are designed to be one step above the NCEA exams and are awarded to only three per cent of the country’s Level 3 students. Students who gain an Outstanding in these exams represent only 0.3 per cent of the country’s cohort. This year an astonishing 203 Scholarships were awarded, with 12 at Outstanding.             


Sebastian Camus Rogers saw success in his exams, achieving a Top Subject Scholarship Award, meaning he achieved the highest grade in his Spanish exam in the country. The Top Subject Scholarship Award was only awarded to 35 students for their achievements in their subjects. Sebastian will travel to Wellington later this year to accept this award. Jonathon Sun also saw incredible success, receiving 10 scholarships, with an Outstanding in Chemistry. 


Five of our students, John Cai, Kevin Huang, Feifei Sun, Lianne Kim, and Jonathon Sun gained an Outstanding Scholar Award which awards them $5,000 for three years while they studythis was only awarded to 60 students nationwide this year. Of these students, John Cai and Lianne Kim gained this award while in Year 12. We look forward to them building on their success this year. Remarkably, of the 203 Scholarships awarded, 39 Year 12 students gained 57 scholarships, seven Year 11 students gained eight scholarships, and two Year 10 students, Gwang Ho Kim and Jaylen Leng, gained Scholarships in Calculus. 


In addition, Rangitoto College’s NCEA results continue to be exceptional. This is a reflection of our  knowledge-rich curriculum and students’ commitment to their studies. 


Level 1 achieved a 90 per cent pass rate with 81 per cent of students achieving a Merit or Excellence endorsement. There was further success at Level 2, with a 93 per cent pass rate and 71 per cent of students gaining endorsement at Merit or Excellence. Level 3 students achieved equally impressive results with a 91 per cent pass rate, 94 per cent achieving a Merit or Excellence endorsement, and a University Entrance rate of 79 per cent.


These results are a reflection of the dedication and hard work of our rangatahi and their kaiako. Both students and teachers go above and beyond to achieve this success. Rangitoto College is extremely proud and congratulates these students and all those involved in support.