The Rangitoto College Korean and Chinese Leadership teams opened up our first cultural event of the year, Lunar Festival, showcasing the vibrant cultures of Korea and China. Led by student leaders; Youna Hong, Yoseb Kim, Eileena Bao, and Rebecca Wang, along with our student leadership team, Miss Noh, and Miss Yamaguchi, the event featured an array of traditional foods, games, and performances. From Chinese calligraphy and the chopsticks game to Korean activities like Tuho and Ddakji, students had the chance to immerse themselves in various cultural experiences.


Our leaders also donned colourful traditional attire, adding to the festive atmosphere. The success of the event, which aimed to promote cultural awareness and diversity within the school, was largely attributed to the hard work of the team members. Looking ahead, both teams plan to organise more cultural events like Korean and Chinese nights, hoping to further engage students and deepen their understanding of these rich heritages. Overall, the Lunar Festival served as a vibrant celebration of culture, fostering unity and appreciation among the school community.