Rangitoto College’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme has achieved incredible results in the 2023 exams. Once again our students performed well above the world average highlighting our successes against IB-exclusive schools worldwide. 


We congratulate the following Top Achievers: William Li gained 43 points which places him in the top three per cent of students worldwide. Cheuk Wing (Martin) Leung with 42 points, is in the top five per cent of students worldwide, and Kevin Chen, who gained 41 points, is in the top eight per cent of students worldwide. We are excited to see what these students accomplish in the future, as Martin has gained a scholarship to study Medicine at Hong Kong University. William and Kevin have accepted places at Melbourne University. 


We are also incredibly proud of our IB students who achieved the prestigious Bilingual Diploma. These students study Literature in two of the 136 IB Languages (English and one other). This is awarded to David Paas (Dutch) and Hanzhang (Liang) Sun, Zhenni Liu, Rachel Ruiqi Hu, and Cheuk Wing (Martin) Leung (Chinese). 


The college’s average score of 35 is six per cent higher than the world average. All our students achieved an A-C grade in their CORE: their 4000-word-thesis-style Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge which is an amazing accomplishment.


The IB Diploma is an academically challenging international curriculum that strives to prepare students for the modern world. Students opt into the two-year Diploma programme in Years 12 and Year 13. It is internationally recognised and often stated as the gold standard of education.