For the past year, the three of us, Josephine, Joseph, and Phoebe, have been investigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects outside of school time. 

We have completed three AI projects—DNA auto-classification using NLP, Auto judgment in Law, as well as Auto diagnosis for the medical field. Recently, our submitted paper for DNA Sequence Auto-Classification has been accepted to the 12th International Conference on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Applications (SCAI 2023) and we will be giving a speech at the conference on December 23-24. 

On the 21 of November, we were invited to give a speech about AI at Northcross Intermediate. It was a valuable experience and we are grateful for the opportunity we were given to speak to students in our community about this subject. In the future, we hope to be able to expand and further our research as well as advance our models so that our projects will become something beneficial for our community. For this to happen, we hope to be able to reach out to the relevant fields of biology, science, medicine and law in order to expand our views and explore possible solutions for our next steps. Specifically, we hope to be able to meet with personnel currently working in those fields so that we are able to discuss the relevance and potential of our projects.

This year has been highly rewarding for us, and we will continue to work hard and develop our skills in the AI field for the years to come. 

Josephine Liu, Year 11