The Year 12 Leadership Program has recently finished, leaving participants equipped with insights and skills that will shape their future journey. Across seven sessions, students delved into many aspects, understanding their complexities.

The programme’s strength lay in presenting different viewpoints through guest speakers. This collective wisdom dismantled the notion that leadership is confined to authority, highlighting its role in making positive change.

Central to the programme was highlighting personal growth. Participants embraced discomfort to uncover their true selves and appreciate different perspectives, improving their interactions and decision-making.

A notable revelation was conflict’s constructive role within teams. The programme highlighted that when managed effectively, opposite viewpoints lead to innovative ideas. A firm commitment to shared goals came out as vital for successful leadership.

The programme promoted practical leadership skills beyond theory. Students can apply these skills in formal roles and daily life.

Armed with a refined leadership understanding, participants are prepared to tackle post-school challenges. Whether it’s assuming student leadership roles or excelling in sports, the skills and insights gained from the programme are ready to make a lasting impact.

Echoes of the Year 12 Leadership Program will resonate in participants’ actions, leaving a legacy of purpose, resilience, and effective leadership within individuals and the school community—qualities that will undoubtedly leave a permanent mark on both individuals and the school community.

Marishelle van Staden, Year 12