In May, Rangitoto College hosted the 19th annual National Spanish Debate Competition. This year’s competition was one of the biggest in the history of this event, with 13 schools participating. This full immersion day encourages students to engage deeply with the Spanish language they learn in class, as well as with the challenging moots put forth by STANZA (Spanish Teachers Association of New Zealand Aotearoa) over the course of the day.


“Being a part of the 2023 Spanish debate competition was a very new experience, unlike anything I have ever done. It was awesome to hear all the Spanish coming from students in the Auditorium, as well as when we were debating and seeing groups of people working together under time restraints to produce compelling debates in another language. Coming third in the competition made me feel that all our after-school practices and in-school learning paid off and I knew a lot more Spanish than I thought. The atmosphere was super cool and colourful, and I will definitely be going to compete next year at the winners’ school, Kristin.”  

Jaime Howe, Year 11  


A huge congratulations to all the students who competed on the day and a thank you to the many others who helped to ensure the event was a success.