Our History students have had a busy term exploring and learning about our history. The Year 11 classes visited the Auckland War Memorial Museum at the start of the term as part of their research on New Zealand’s involvement in the First World War. The topics that students could research were women’s role in the war, the Māori Pioneer Battalion, the Gallipoli Campaign, and the battle at Passchendaele. Students were able to spend time at the museum looking for primary and secondary sources to support their research.

The Year 12 students had the opportunity to visit the Bay of Islands as part of their research internally on the colonisation of New Zealand. Topics covered were British Imperialism, the Treaty of Waitangi, and the Northern Wars. Students visited sites of historical significance including the Waitangi Treaty grounds, Store House in Kerikeri, Christ Church, and Ruapekapeka.

The Waikato was the focus of the Year 13 trip. We followed the historical route of the 1863 invasion of the Waikato by British forces. The first stop was Howick Historical Village, then key battle sites down to Te Awamutu where we had a guided tour of the area. A highlight was visiting the church at Rangiaowhia where students learnt about the tragedy that unfolded there during the war.



Our Geography students have had a busy term with two field trips to explore the Auckland region. The Year 13 Geography students visited Omaha Beach earlier this term to carry out geographic research. They completed experiments on the beach and sand dunes in order to examine the coastal processes that create the natural features located along the sand spit. Following the field trip, they presented and analysed their findings in a research report. 

The Year 11 Geography students went on a tour of the Auckland volcanic field to help them understand how a future volcanic eruption could impact Auckland. Students collected information on the trip which they are now using in class to help them map online the potential impacts of a volcanic eruption in the Wairau Valley. The trip included stops at North Head, Tank Farm, and the Auckland Museum where students learnt about the different types of volcanoes in the Auckland region.