Korean Night was held successfully at Rangitoto College in June. It is an annual event of our school which aims to showcase and celebrate both traditional and modern aspects of Korean culture.

Korean Night was packed with a variety of captivating performances including haka, doll dance, fan dance, taekwondo, nanta, mask dance, traditional dance, rap, k-pop, and bands. The Auditorium, with an audience of more than 800, was full of excitement and enthusiasm. Minwoo Kim, Siyeon Park, Student Leaders, and the Teacher in Charge, Regina Noh, worked extremely hard to organise this event, and our performers have prepared for this night for over four months, putting in an incredible amount of effort.

A huge thank you to all the students, staff members, and sponsors involved, who contributed towards making the Korean Night 2023 a huge success and an unforgettable memory.