Rangitoto College is proud to be a founding school within the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Trainee Programme (ASTTP)—a programme which sees talented prospective teachers train in schools while completing their teaching qualifications through Waikato University.

This year, we are delighted to have four trainee teachers, Chris Barton, Rebecca Boniface, Aoife Storan, and Tyler Vinton, training with us in the Technology, Science, Mathematics, and Economics Departments. These trainees bring a wealth of experience into the classroom from previous careers and backgrounds and our students are fortunate to be able to learn from them.

We are now recruiting our future trainee teachers for 2024. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is thinking about becoming a teacher, particularly those considering a career change and looking to be immersed in a school environment while they train. Fees are paid and a generous stipend is provided. For more information and to apply, please email

Our 2023 trainees, Chris, Rebecca, Aoife, and Tyler, write about their experiences below.

Chris Barton

I have been employed at Rangitoto College as a technician for the last five years. This work involved me preparing and purchasing the various requirements of the Technology Department, as well as attending to the maintenance requirements of the various machines. I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training Programme, as it would allow me to expand on the experience I already had within the school environment, as well as draw on the life experiences obtained as a parent of my two now adult children and previous work life. I look forward to next year—the department and subject itself are at an exciting phase, and I especially look forward to doing my absolute best in the education of our precious rangitahi.

Rebecca Boniface

I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science. I am lucky to have been selected to be part of the 2023 Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training Programme and have my alum, Rangitoto College, be my base school. I had an excellent experience as a student at this school and being a teacher trainee alongside some of the same teaching staff again has been wonderful.

Rangitoto College is extensively resourced and has provided a great foundation for the beginnings of my teaching career. The support from staff has been incredible and I highly recommend this school for anyone who wishes to join this programme and begin a teaching career for themselves. My two mentor teachers have been developing me in my teaching career by providing detailed feedback on my progress. I have found being in the school daily highly valuable as I have been able to build my student-teacher relationship with the students since day one of the year.

Aoife Storan

I am part of the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training Programme 2023 cohort here at Rangitoto College. Prior to this, I worked as a food technologist for several years.

Participating in this programme provides the invaluable experience of being fully immersed in the school for the full year. It has been fantastic to build relationships with both the students you are teaching and the staff as it is more than a five-week placement. I have two mentor teachers who provide regular feedback that has helped develop and improve my teaching practices. My confidence in the classroom and professional growth builds each week.

Rangitoto College is a wonderful school to begin your teaching journey. I am grateful and enormously lucky to be surrounded by supportive and caring staff that truly want to see you succeed.

Tyler Vinton

Teaching had always been my dream career, but for financial reasons, I set it aside to pursue a career as a builder. Like my builder’s apprenticeship, I’ve been fortunate to get paid as I train and learn on the job from practitioners and from my own experience. From day one I was welcomed and treated as a valued member of the team. After a few weeks of observation, I was given the opportunity to step in front of the class, gaining invaluable experience in preparing and delivering lessons. In the highs and lows of teaching my mentors have consistently given feedback which was helpful and encouraging. The teachers at Rangitoto College have inspired me with their joy and kindness, collaboration, and commitment, and the respect they show for each other and their students. Coming to Rangitoto College each day has been a dream come true. I couldn’t have hoped for a better way to start my teaching journey.

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