The first day of Rangitoto College was on 6 February 1956 and this term, we were very honoured and privileged to welcome back some of our founding members to the college for our first-ever 1950’s Reunion.

We had over 40 of our original students share in a morning tea hosted by our Community Relations Team and 10 of our Student Leaders. There was memorabilia on display such as photos and original yearbooks that invited conversations from our students to ask more about what life was like at Rangitoto in the 1950s.  Equally, our guests were just as interested in life for today’s students. 

Principal Patrick Gale and our Student Leaders took the group on a tour of the school which no doubt will have looked very different to their time spent here in the 1950s.

Many stories were shared and lots of laughter and happiness were expressed, and it was most special to see some reunions of those who had not seen each other for decades. Thank you to our founding members for taking a trip down memory lane with us.  Our next reunion will bring together students from the 1960s so watch this space for more information.