Think boldly.

Inquire bravely.

Act together.


The Festival of Hope is a pioneering international festival that places young people at the heart of design, programming, and production. It is a global initiative that brings young people and world leaders together in dialogue.

The Festival of Hope supports and empowers young people ensuring that they are truly agents of change, who have the power to make positive change. Topics of discussion include climate change, educational practice, world peace, well-being, technology, and justice. It brings together diverse voices and experiences from across the globe through interviews, workshops, and opportunities for action. 

The International Baccalaureate provided the opportunity for a virtual dialogue for a number of students across the world, including our students Dominik Ma (Year 13) and Summer Bailey (Year 12). They held an interview with  Ilarion Merculieff (an Alaskan of Unangan heritage and the founder/director of the Global Center for Indigenous Learning and Lifeways). His perspective on the differences and strengths in both Alaskan and Western educational systems was interesting, thought-provoking and, at times, challenging. Ilarion had a fresh perspective on life and society. The discussion highlighted parallels between the Alaskan cultural heritage and our own Māori heritage and belief systems, and the challenge of ensuring a variety of cultural viewpoints and beliefs are integrated into our educational settings.