Year 13 Geography and Geography Scholarship were fortunate enough to travel down to Rotorua for three days in August this year. Students go down to study the cultural process of tourism development in Rotorua. Students become part of the process as they visit and study the local attractions. This year students visited the Agrodome which was an honour as it had been closed to Covid-19; starting to see tourism come alive again in Rotorua sees the end of Covid-19 and the start of economic growth. 

Students also visited Te Puia, Skyline Skyrides, Redwood Tree Walk, Polynesian Spa, and Velocity Valley, and ended the trip with a lecture from the Rotorua Museum Education Advisors. Students enjoyed the trip and being able to see the elements of their process interact. Also, becoming part of the process helps the students write better in final exams as they have experienced what they write about. Thank you to all of our Year 13 Geography students, we wish you well for the future.