Rangitoto College has once again claimed the title of top Scholarship school in New Zealand, breaking our own record of NZQA Scholarship passes. These exams are designed to be one step above the curriculum for NCEA Level 3 and are awarded to only three per cent of the country’s Level 3 students. Students who gain an Outstanding grade in Scholarship represent only 0.3 per cent of students.

Achieving an incredible 244 Scholarship passes overall, with 34 at Outstanding, the 2021 cohort has once again exceeded expectations. Rangitoto College is incredibly proud of the achievements of these students, 85 of whom were in Year 11 or 12 in 2021.

Cameron Senior gained a Premier Award—one of only 12 in the country—receiving $30,000 over three years of tertiary education. This is the second year that Cameron has achieved this prestigious award. In 2020, Cameron gained six passes, with three at Outstanding, as a Year 12 student. In 2021, he surpassed himself, gaining a remarkable 10 passes, seven of which were Outstanding. Cameron received the Top Scholar in Subject Award for Art History, Geography, and Statistics (where he gained 40 out of 40), making him the best in the country in these subjects. He received Outstanding Scholarships in English, Physics, Art History, Geography, Statistics, History, and Health and Physical Education. He also gained Scholarships in Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus.

Our list of students who gained four or more Scholarships has also doubled since 2020, from eight to 16. Remarkably five of these students were Year 12 in 2021, sitting these exams a year early. Ashley Huddart, who was a Year 12 student last year, received the Top Scholar in Subject Award for Health and Physical Education, where she earned an incredible 24 out of 24.

As well as our Premier Award, Rangitoto College students achieved other successes. Kelly (Kyongeun) Cha, Ashley Huddart, Avery Wright, Jamie Lee, Mason (Minghan) Liu, and Ethan (Zhiyang) Lu all gained Outstanding Scholar Awards, an accolade gained by only 60 students nationwide.

These results are testament to the hard work and dedication of students and their teachers. Rangitoto College congratulates all of our Scholarship recipients on their outstanding efforts and thanks the teachers and others involved who supported these students. The standard of students taking Scholarships is incredibly high and we acknowledge their ability to gain these results given the disruption that existed in 2021.

4+ Scholarships
Ashley Huddart
Avery Wright
Caitlin Hodge
Cameron Senior
Emily Ren
Jamie Lee
Jasmine Jared
Jessica Wang
Jiarong Xu
Jinsol Hong
Kelly (Kyongeun) Cha
Matthew Kay
Reina Zhang
Sawooly Li
Seohyun Kim
Yujin Park

3 Scholarships
Christine Lin
Ethan (Zhiyang) Lu
Grace Lee
Hannah Gjaltema
Jasmine Jared
Jasmine Zhang
Justin Kim
Marcia Kilpatrick
Mason (Minghan) Liu
Oliver McKinnon
Oliver Zhang
Rihoko Suzuki
Sara Yavari
Siyun Jung
Sophia Halapchuk