Rangitoto College’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme students performed alongside leading ‘IB Only’ schools across the world in the 2021 exams. Remarkably, five Rangitoto College students earned 40 or more points, putting them in the top 10 per cent of students worldwide. Adding to these outstanding results, Ethan (Zhiyang) Lu gained a perfect score of 45, putting him in the top one per cent of students worldwide. 

The IB Diploma is an academically challenging programme that strives to prepare students for the modern world. The diploma is a two-year course over Years 12 and 13. It is internationally recognised as a top educational curriculum. 

In 2021, the college achieved an incredible 100 per cent pass rate, well above the international average of 89 per cent. Rangitoto also performed above the international averages in average scores (37 against a global average of 33), and in percentage achieving 40 or more points (25 per cent against a global average of 17 per cent). 

Special congratulations to Top Scholar Award recipients: Ethan (Zhiyang) Lu, Mason (Minghan) Liu, Kelly Poon, Samuel Wong, and Andrei Guerb Navarro. 

We also congratulate the exceptional students who earned the prestigious Bilingual Diploma: Mason (Minghan) Liu, Scott (Songyang) He, Kathryn (Yuanzhu) Tian, Cynthia (Gejin) Gao, and Rickey (Jinwoo) Lee. 

Thank you to our specialist IB teachers, the IB coordinator Catherine Brandt, and all those who had a hand in the educating of these remarkable young people. 

Rangitoto College is immensely proud of its increasing results in this esteemed course and looks forward to seeing this success continue in 2022.