The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is one of the academic programmes offered at Rangitoto College. CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) is a vital task for students to complete in order to receive an IB Diploma. For 18 months, students put together a wide variety of experiences and activities, which not only provides insight into their commitments and strengths but also demonstrates the new and challenging skills they develop which will contribute towards becoming more well-rounded individuals. 

To kickstart CAS, the new Year 12 IB group went to the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre (MERC) for an activity day. This day was a challenging, yet exciting day that pushed many of the students out of their comfort zones by trying new activities. Through going to MERC, students gained a better understanding of what CAS is all about as well as the importance of taking part in CAS activities within the school and wider community. This CAS day was particularly more valuable and meaningful for the students as it was a chance for students to get to know one another and form positive relationships. 

During this day, students were placed into groups of 10 to participate in the activities. Despite the rainy weather, the students showed perseverance skills and continued to actively participate in the activities with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Activities included logic puzzles that challenged the students to think in a creative and critical way, cycling which encouraged students to exit their comfort zone, and kayaking and paddleboarding which brought the cohort together and improved teamwork skills. 

The first CAS experience at MERC will remain a highlight for many of the Year 12 IB students this year. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to building their CAS profiles over the next 18 months. Thank you to all staff, students, and the MERC organisation for the support and efforts in making the first CAS day enjoyable and successful.

Alex Jung, Year 12