At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, we were fortunate that the Auckland Secondary Schools and North Harbour Championships were held and our pairs could compete on the sand. This led to many of our pairs playing in junior or senior competitions.

It was great to see that beach volleyball is still growing in popularity and that so many new players are taking to the sand. All pairs had trained hard to prepare for these competitions and, as always, played each game to the best of their ability, with a great positive attitude. 

The results are as follows:


Auckland Championships

Senior Boys
Ryan Jefferson & Juan Carlos Quintero – Silver

Senior Girls
Kiana Stevenson & Kaia Buckley – Silver

Year 10 Boys
Eric Oh & Will Schmidt – Gold

Year 9 Boys
Jasper Quinlin & Patrick Cha – Bronze

Year 9 Girls
Jasmine Rugg and Libby Cleaver – Gold


North Harbour Championships

Senior Boys
Ryan Jefferson & Juan Carlos Quintero – Gold

Senior Girls
Jenny McMillan & Sienna Rugg – Silver

Junior Boys
Logan Vorster & Cuba Rihani – Gold

Junior Girls
Jasmine Rugg and Libby Cleaver – Bronze


Some of the players also competed in National age group championships, congratulations to:

Boys under 19
Ryan Jefferson – Silver

Girls Under 19
Kiana Stevenson – Silver

Girls under 17
Kaia Buckley – Gold
Jenny McMillan – Bronze


We value the continued support of our volleyball whānau.  Thank you to our fabulous coaches who work tirelessly to inspire and train our beach players: Johann, Adam, Rachel, Sam, and AK.