Despite having the year’s programme heavily disrupted there have still been a number of highlights for our competitors in this year’s maths competitions.

April and May saw rounds one and two of the Otago Junior Maths Competition. With a large field of over 100 competitors from Rangitoto College, we’re pleased to report that Jonathan Siah (Year 11), Allen Li (Year 10), and Edward Xiao (Year 9) all gained top 30 places nationally in their respective year groups.

Our senior Maths students from the NCEA and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses organised, and hosted, the Rangi Mathex selection rounds for the eventually cancelled Auckland Mathex competition. Despite not having the opportunity to compete in the main competition, congratulations go to the winning Year 10 team—Eileena Bao, Lianne Kim, Ben Lee, and Allen Li—and to the winning Year 9 team—Daniel Chua, Robin Heo, Alan Sun, and Leo Wang.

This year saw students participate in the inaugural Kiwi Maths competition organised by the University of Canterbury. Again, congratulations go to Allen Li for a top placing Distinction award. The rest of the results, along with those for the Australian Maths Competition, are still pending and will be reported in 2022.

Finally a huge congratulations to Allen Li and Alex Kang who prevailed through two rounds of the New Zealand Maths Olympiad and have been selected for the national training camp in January. Alex gained a silver medal and Allen a bronze.

We would like to give a huge thanks to all competitors and organisers alike, and wish you all a happy and competitive 2022.