What a year! Covid-19, you’ve done it again. After missing the action of a live show last year, we were looking forward to making it happen this year, but unfortunately the lockdown came at such a critical time we weren’t able to run our usual Fashion Show at all, pre-recorded or live. Despite the complications and pressures of lockdown, some extra special students were still able to execute a fantastic photoshoot of some amazing garments completed this year.

In Level 2 the students looked at sustainability in design and developed a garment with that in mind. Skyla Evans dyed her silk fabric using red cabbage and lemons to get a beautiful shade of pink. Leah Inskip, Catherine Smith, and Jasmine Berry are modelling their high waisted, wide leg pants constructed for the processing assessment.

Shayle Mackie is modeling her costume for Level 3 conceptual design and prototype standards, based on a mash up between Colin McCahon and Steampunk, while Ruth Matthews’ costume design takes inspiration from designer Jamie McLellan mixed with space!