Our vision is to help prepare young people to be lifelong career managers by encouraging them to: follow their heart, focus on the journey, manage constant change, access allies and commit to ongoing learning.

Welcome to the Commerce Department!  Commerce in an integral part of the world around us.  Our vision is for students in the Commerce Department to become financially and economically literate, technologically driven, enterprising and globally aware.

Design and Visual Communication (DVC) is an area of learning within the New Zealand Curriculum, where students learn about design, develop their practice of designing, and develop their design thinking in the context of spatial and product design. Design, designing and design thinking is explored and expressed through visual communication and is informed by design heritage.

English is an exciting subject which gives us not only a better understanding of our own society, but also connects us to a world of ideas – to the past, to an imagined future, and to other places and cultures. At every moment of every day, new films and television programmes are being made, new novels, poems and articles are being written, and new plays constructed. The subject of English enables students to interpret the world around them from academic and critical points of view.

English for Speakers of Other Languages is a subject that provides students with pathways to English literacy for NCEA and university entrance.

To support and encourage young people to attain their potential in education, and to develop into socially aware, contributing, and fulfilled adults who are able to manage their life, whatever their circumstances, to make wise decisions, enjoy healthy relationships, to follow their dream, keep focused, manage change, and never stop learning.

The Rangitoto College Health and Physical Education Department are committed to providing you with a positive learning experience in this learning area.


The Health Centre is staffed by a qualified Registered Comprehensive Nurse with current Nursing Council of NZ practising certificates and a highly skilled First Aider.

Hours:  8.45am – 3.15pm Monday to Friday

Languages are used for business and for pleasure. They open up an avenue for communication and exploration. The study of Languages promotes, encourages and instills a broader cultural understanding.

At Rangitoto College we offer a choice of Te Reo Māori, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish. All languages are available for study from Year 9 through to Year 13. Mandarin is only available in Year 13. 

Rangitoto College Library supports the school’s vision of “every student maximising their potential” through the provision of a dynamic environment, excellent services, outstanding collections and relevant programmes that will empower students’ learning and encourage their enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

The Mathematics department at Rangitoto College has the objective of ensuring that all our students leave school with at least the required qualifications needed for entrance to University. We employ highly qualified teaching staff that includes specialists in both Statistics and Calculus.

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At the core of Science is its ability to help us understand the world we live in and to make it better. We want students to develop the skills with hands on activities and experiments to understand that process. 

The Social Sciences prepare you for the world! – in all its aspects. You will get the most out of our wonderful world if you understand its diversity, its development, its issues and its humanity.

Targeted programmes are extra subject options that the students can make to suit their learning requirements.

“Technology is intervention by design”:  the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems”.

The Visual Arts is a fascinating and innovative area of study, which encompasses five fields of creative endeavour: design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Students may choose to specialise in a maximum of two fields at Levels 2 and 3 NCEA; including Scholarship, which is the equivalent of Level 4 NCEA. Tertiary study allows for an even greater selection of study options and opportunities.