Did you know this about Rangitoto College?

The School

  • The original proposed name for Rangitoto College was “Murray’s Bay High School”.
  • It opened in 1956 and had 180 Year 9 and Year 10 pupils and 13 staff.
  • Over the 52 years we have had 5 principals – Frank Tucker, Noel Woods, Charles Loretz, Allan Peachey and David Hodge.
  • The first school magazine “Panorama” was published in 1956 and is still going today.
  • The first assembly hall was built in 1962 and replaced with an auditorium in 2000 that was named the "Allan Peachey Auditorium" in honour of his contribution to the College.
  • As of April 2014 we have 3051 students including 215 international students, 187 teachers, 85 support staff.
  • There are 592 students in Year 9, 601 in Year 10, 605 in Year 11, 694 in Year 12 and 560 in Year 13.
  • Students from 60+ different countries attend Rangitoto College.
  • There are 12 different curriculum areas/departments in the College.
  • There are over 800 lessons taught each day (e.g. 284 in Science).
  • Average class size across the school is 26 students per class.
  • There are 22 Year 9 Tutor Groups, 21 Year 10, 28 Year 11, 31 Year 12 and 31 Year 13.
  • Student services available are Tutor Teachers, Deans (17, including 2 International Deans), Guidance Staff (4), Careers Staff (1), Health Centre (1 Nurse and 1 First Aid/Administrator), Physiotherapists,  Academic Tutors, International Office, Sports Administrators, Music and Performing Arts co-ordinators, Gateway programme to help students transition into employment, Maths Problem Clinic, English Problem Clinic.
  • School “Houses” are - Freyberg, Hillary, Mansfield, Rutherford, Lydiard and Te Kanawa.
  • The college gets broadband delivery across the fibre optic network that is used by the 760 computers around the school.
  • Each day we download more than 75 Gigabytes of data from the internet and 900 student devices use wireless daily.
  • RangiNet (our school intranet) has 175,000 visits each year.
  • The library has over 24,266 books, 305 DVDs, 1173 e-books, and 70 different magazines as well as 2 computer areas, 3 reading rooms and a Senior Study Room.
  • Our library sees more ‘customers’ in a day than the East Coast Bays Library.
  • 60 students volunteer their time in the library that is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm.
  • Rangitoto College has an annual operating budget of $26.5 million and 5 staff are on a reduced timetable to provide professional development targeted to school goals.
  • The College uses the parent school donations to pay for a full time nurse and the school medical centre, extra guidance staff, extra computing facilities and the school magazine. This is because we are a Decile 10 school so there is a substantial deficit between Ministry of Education funding and meeting the needs of the school. An extra donation can be made and designated for any one of: Performing Arts, Sport or School Environment.
  • The College site covers 31 hectares.
  • Head Girls and Head Boys for 2017 are Mikayla Choat, Eda Tang and TJ Foo, Luca Basso.


  • By the end of Year 11, 92% of students have Level 1 Literacy and 93% have Numeracy.
  • At all levels Rangitoto College gained double the national average for excellences.
  • Rangitoto College has more than twice the national percentage for Endorsed Certificates for Merit and Excellence (candidate gains 50 or more merit or excellence credits across all subjects) in NCEA at all 3 levels (Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13).
  • Percentage pass rates for each level of NCEA are 86% get Level 1, 87% get Level 2 and 83% get Level 3. 77% of students get University Entrance by the end of Year 13.
  • Rangitoto College students gained 98 subject scholarships at Level 3 (Year 13).
  • We teach 5 different languages, have 2 language assistants, and take trips to Japan, France and Spain.
  • 71 different courses are offered at Rangitoto College over the 5 year levels with 60 available at Year 12.
  • Students have been awarded Rhodes, Rutherford, Girdlers, Princeton and Fulbright Scholarships.
  • Rangitoto College has 2 “Academic” tutor teachers to mentor students heavily involved in co-curricular activities at very high levels that necessitate them being absent from school for periods of time.      


  • We have 45 different music, dance and drama (and combinations of these) co-curricular groups involving about 1400 students.
  • This includes a School Musical/Show/Drama every year, Orchestras, Concert Bands, Rock Bands, Jazz Combos, Choirs, Dance Troupes, Stage Challenge, Theatresports, Stage Lighting and Sound, Shakespeare (Senior and Junior), Trips etc.
  • 400 students do music tuition during school hours with 26 itinerant music teachers.
  • We have a passionate Kapa Haka group that has performed creditably at past Polyfests and who are regularly involved in many school activities.
  • Various groups from other cultures perform at different times of the year e.g. Lion Dance, Korean Fan Dance, Chinese Traditional Dance.
  • Our Future Problem Solving groups have represented NZ at the International finals in the USA for 6 out of the past 7 years that we have been involved. Rangitoto College teams and individuals have brought home a number of trophies over the years.
  • RFM radio – the school radio run by students.
  • Debating – many teams involved in a range of competitions.
  • Our co-curricular groups are highly successful while competing in national events.  
  • Student Reps and other senior students organise concerts e.g. BIG Lunch Out and BIG Lunch In.


  • 42 different sports are played at the college.
  • We offer an athlete performance academy in Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Volleyball.
  • 6 people are employed in the Sports Department to facilitate sport at the college.
  • The largest sport is netball with 45 teams and approximately 400 girls.
  • During the winter in the 5 key sports there are about 100 teams involving over 1000 students competing weekly.
  • Students have access to fulltime physiotherapists onsite at the College.
  • Our students have won numerous National titles as a team over the last year in water polo, beach volleyball, football and swimming and individual National Championship titles in Athletics, Cycling and multisport individual titles.
  • A Fitness Centre with cardio equipment and weights is available for student and team use all year round at lunchtimes, before and after school.
  • We have a state of the art International Hockey Turf and both an indoor and outdoor cricket net facility with a bowling machine.
  • We own the land that the Sovereign Stadium is on giving our students access to an international athletics track.


  • There are many leadership opportunities for students e.g. student representatives, House Captains, various committees like the Multicultural Committee, coaching and mentoring younger students in both cultural and sporting activities.
  • We have a range of Clubs that consider national and global issues - Amnesty International, Planet People, World Vision/40 Hour Famine, Environmental Club (named as a Fair Trade School), Random Acts of Kindness Group and SADD.
  • Duke of Edinburgh.
  • The school’s Blood Days each year collect about 200 units of blood (the highest for any school).
  • School-wide Mufti Days are held each term for various charities chosen by the Student Reps.
  • Trips to Cambodia to help build houses.
  • Multicultural Committee.
  • Many students volunteer to be collectors for charity.