Our students will be participating, and raising funds, in the World Vision 40 hour famine.  This event is co-ordinated by our Year 13 Service and Spirit team leaders.

The College has a long standing history of supporting the World Vision 40 Hour Famine. Students not only raise funds but also an awareness of the impact of poverty on the lives of young people. The 40 Hour Famine challenges students to go without something they rely on for a continuous duration of 40 hours. Whether that’s food, transportation or even their mobile phone. Students develop a sense of the needs others have in less fortunate circumstances.

Read our daily notices for more information from our Service Committee student leaders about the how students and their whānau can support and sponsor this event.  In addition the Service Committee will be raising awareness by speaking at assemblies and tutor classes. There will be supporting activities and fun organised to encourage all students participating.