Kotahitanga Day is an annual celebration that promotes a sense of community for our students new to the kura. On Wednesday the 13th March, Year 9 students had the opportunity to participate in team building exercises to help them create strong bonds and unity within their classes and to further develop a sense of belonging here at Rangitoto College.


It was a fantastic event enjoyed by over 800 students. Supported by our Student Leaders and Peer Support leaders, Year 9 students rotated through 13 fun stations where they were challenged to problem solve and work as a team to complete the activities and earn points for their class. Over the course of the term, Peer Support Leaders worked with their tutor classes to create a chant and paint a class flag which they proudly displayed during the day. Initially, we had light rain, but the day turned out to be filled with sunshine. 


We were so proud of our students for their excellent behaviour and positive engagement. Feedback from the Year 9 cohort was very positive. A huge thanks to Lexi Gallagher-Parkinson for the huge amount of effort put into organising the day.  We appreciate the time and energy put in by teachers and deans involved in the day. A special mention also to our Student Leaders for their superb support in leading activities and being exceptional role models for our Year 9 students. We are so proud of you all. 


“It was fun, we learnt to collaborate better with my classmates. The tug of war was my favourite event because everyone was trying their hardest and all working together.” – Linda He, Year 9 student

“It was good to hang out with friends, and great to compete in different houses. Volleyball was my favourite as it was a good sport to play in different teams. I made new friends by versing other classes. Our tutor class chant was great.” – Emily Long, Year 9 student