Implementing our co-curricular Performing Arts programmes within the Red Traffic Light framework has been challenging to say the least, with many aspects of music, dance, and drama being heavily restricted and in many cases limited to outdoor participation only.

After the initial few weeks of “what are we allowed to do, where are we allowed to do it, and how can we make this happen?”, we gradually settled into a new reality in which many of our activities depended to a large extent on how pleasant the weather was. Used to dwelling in studios, theatres, and small basement rooms this was not something we had ever had to take into account.

With the aid of masks, sanitiser, sneeze screens, pegs, sunblock, and a real “can-do” attitude from students and staff, it soon became completely normal to see dance troupes leaping on the field, drama ensembles learning lines outside the upper tuck shop, and the woodwind and brass sections of the orchestra setting up under the covered walkway outside MU3. Gazebos were set up under the trees by the flagpole and outside the auditorium to allow three breezy studios in which we could house wind, brass, and vocal tuition.

Despite the unusual start to the term, we eventually signed-up and auditioned all our co-curricular music, dance and drama groups, and timetabled 420 enrolments for instrumental, vocal, music technology, and music theory tuition. Students and staff have been eager to accept whatever compromises are necessary to get rehearsals underway and to start our journey back towards performing for audiences.

The Drama Department has hit the ground running and will be putting on a Theatre Festival at the end of Term 1, with three outdoor stages and six abridged performances of classical theatre:
Commedia dell’Arte Stage – featuring two plays directed by Luke Julius and Jasmine Voss.
Greek Theatre Stage – featuring Oedipus Rex directed by Jayden Cross and Medea directed by Olesya Korchagina
Shakespeare Stage – featuring Twelfth Night directed by Sam Davies and Romeo and Juliet directed by Olive Mortimer and Jess Thompson.
Full performance details will be posted on our Performing Arts Facebook Page –

To our Performing Arts staff and students, thank you for remaining positive in the face of so many obstacles.
To parents, families, and our school community, we hope to be able to entertain you in person, on stage, and indoors in the coming months. We can’t wait!