As part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, students are required to take part in CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service). Students put together a range of activities and experiences over the course of 18 months, which highlight not only their strengths, but also areas in which they can grow their skills.

With lockdown, students have had to get very imaginative and creative on how they were going to achieve some of the required learning outcomes. Earlier this year we took the Year 12 IB group to MERC for an activity day. A service day was also organised by the students themselves to seek ways to help our community. This term, time was allocated to a creativity day—a lockdown special edition.

For this day, students worked on creating something of their own choosing. Some got into construction, landscaping, gardening, and building. Others produced training/meal plans, and some produced beautiful pieces of artwork using a range of different media. Music was composed, practiced, and performed. Teaching and learning resources were created, along with health related brochures to aid younger students.

Feedback from students and their families was all very positive and we hope to build upon these CAS Days in 2022. Thank you to all staff, families, and students for their continued support and efforts in making CAS and the IB programme so successful.