Performing Arts

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Performing Arts is about Expressing Humanity in its most direct form. It does so through artistic performances which both stimulate very personal emotions, as well as reflecting on what makes us human in a whole range of contexts. Our underlying vision for the Performing Arts at Rangitoto College is:

  • To challenge and inspire all students to fulfil their potential in any Performing Arts discipline or genre.
  • To interweave curriculum and co-curriculum into an effective Performing Arts platform, on which relevant, real-life learning occurs.
  • To foster the highest standard of collegiality amongst students and staff, so that Performing Arts can become an equal and integral part of school culture.

Performing Arts Department

Co-Curricular Performing Arts

Rangitoto College offers a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities for all skill levels and year-groups. From Classical Ballet to Hip-hop Troupes, from Shakespeare plays to a full-scale Broadway Musical Production, from Orchestras to Choirs, Rock Bands and Jazz ensembles, students are involved in over 60 groups in the Performing Arts alone! The College manages specialised programmes in many areas and genres which cater on a participation level, as well as produce outstanding musicians at the highest national level. 


Dance uses kinaesthetic learning and physical activity to explore artistic concepts. It is predominantly a practical subject with hands-on learning, but also incorporating relevant theoretical information. Dance leads to University Entrance (incl. Scholarship).

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Jack Hagan

Dancing is the only thing in the world that lets you lose yourself and find yourself at the same time.  Dance for me is something I will be doing for the rest of my life, knowing this I selected dance at school without a second thought.  The dance teachers at Rangitoto College push you to your limits to unlock your full potential both as a dancer and as a choreographer.  Through dance I have been able to broaden my styles of dance and my knowledge of dance history.  Even as the only male dancer in my year level, I have been able to make strong friendships that I know will last for the rest of my school life.

Jack Hagan
Year 11 - Dance
Career Goal 
I will be working in the Dance Industry internationally to become a successful dancer / choreographer.


Drama is combining the practical skills of performing with the learning of dramaturgical concepts in a range of contexts. Students of all year levels can choose Drama as an Option Subject, leading up to University Entrance (Incl. Scholarship). Read further information on Drama here.


Music offers a wide variety of academic and practical skills across all year levels and year groups. In class, students at junior level are able to specialise in Rock, Chamber, Guitar, Keyboard, Big Band, Symphonic Band or Musical Theatre classes, as well as choosing Music as one of their 4 Option Subjects at Year 9. In Years 10 - Year 13 students follow the Contemporary Music or Music Performance. Read further information on Music as a Subject.

Rangitoto College also offers a diverse Music Tuition Programme which gives students the opportunity to take instrumental, vocal or music technology lessons during school time from our team of expert itinerant tutors. 

Sally Han

Music Performance is a very valuable subject for me as it provides me with the opportunity to learn important skills that are essential for a musician.  Studying Music Performance made me work harder on my instrument and helped me achieve higher skills and theoretical knowledge.  All the teachers are very supportive and kind, and the Music Department is a great environment as you are surrounded by people who are passionate about music.

Sally Han
Year 12 - Music Performance
Career Goal 
I love playing the bass and I would love to get a degree in Music before entering the professional music scene.
Head of Department 
Markus Fritsch

“Magister Artium” (Master of Arts) Degree in Music, Literature and Political Science from Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (Germany)
Diploma of Teaching from Auckland College of Education

Before moving to New Zealand at the end of 1996 I worked as an Itinerant Saxophone teacher and Studio Musician. With my NZ teaching diploma I started my classroom teaching career at Epsom Girls Grammar School, before becoming H.O.D. Music at Edgewater College, a position I held for over 8 years. Since 2007 I have worked at Rangitoto College, first as Head of Music, and from 2008 onwards as H.O.D. of Performing Arts. In the last 17 years of teaching I also have held numerous teaching contracts from the Auckland College of Education, The University of Auckland and the Ministry of Education. As a practicing musician, I have played in many NZ ensembles, including the Auckland Symphony Orchestra, The Manukau Symphony Orchestra, The Prohibition Big Band, The Jazz Experience Big Band, as well as being a member of the renowned Auckland Saxophone Quartet for the last 12 years. Next to my musical life, I like spending time with my family, going fishing or playing Squash.
Personal Statement 
I’m passionate about music in any form or facet. Whether teaching music, performing alongside students or directing ensembles, music offers a very unique and rewarding learning experience which students can transfer to almost any real life situation. Working together with such a great team (staff as well as students) to fulfil a common vision is as rewarding as it is humbling.

Quality Indicators of Department


Rangitoto College Music Department enjoys a long history of outstanding achievements within the curriculum and through the co-curricular music groups. Students have represented the college at a national and international level, individually and in groups and many have gone on to be well known performers. Over the last few years Rangitoto College has produced National Winners at the NZ Chamber Music Contest, the NZ RockQuest, the BIG SING, the KBB Music Festival and many more.