What Subjects do I Need?

USEFUL subjects

Every subject is useful for developing knowledge and skills. Useful subjects add value to your overall course of study even though they may not be directly related to your future plans.


These subjects provide a strong background of knowledge and skills needed for further study and training. Subjects recommended for tertiary study and job training are listed in the following pages.


These subjects provide necessary building blocks of knowledge and skills. You must have these subjects in order to gain entry into specific courses either at school or at tertiary level.

study at school - some subjects have prerequisites at each year level, check the subject summaries.
study at tertiary level - refer to recommended and compulsory requirements.
entering on job training / apprenticeships - eg. ETCO electrical apprenticeships has compulsory requirements in Maths, Science and English


TERTIARY STUDY - Certificate, Diploma and Degree level study at a University, Technical Institute or Private Provider.

KEY REMINDERS for choosing your subjects:

  • Choose subjects for interest and enjoyment
  • Keep your selection broad - your ideas may change over time
  • Check the recommended and compulsory subjects that you may need for further study at school or at tertiary level
  • Keep in mind your level of achievement and ability - is it appropriate for you?