The Noel Leeming Advantage

College Fundraising: Supporting Noel Leeming, Supports Rangitoto College

It is that time of year again when you may need to start thinking about devices for your children for next year.

Noel Leeming are our preferred supplier of BYOD devices for students. They have given us a very special offer for the Rangitoto College community – from 30 October to 5 November 2019 you will be entitled to make purchases at the Albany Store for an unprecedented cost + 7.5%. This special offer includes Computers, Mobile Phones, Televisions and Whiteware, however, it excludes IT accessories, PC software and consumables. In addition, Noel Leeming provides the College with a rebate on all purchases (not just IT) and so by supporting Noel Leeming, you are supporting the College.

To participate in this offer you will be required to show a copy of the Friends & Family Flyer at the time of purchase. Please save a copy to your phone or print the flyer.

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should purchase a device from Noel Leeming (NZ owned, guaranteed price matching, flexible payment terms, flybuys) but it is the support package that they have guaranteed they will provide us that is unmatched and designed to make things easy for you.

There are two aspects to this: Dedicated support and Loan devices.

* If you have any problem with your device you can call a 0800 number to access the Contact Centre Repairs team 

* You can take it directly to the Albany Store

* While your device is being prepared (or if it has been lost or stolen), Noel Leeming will provide you with a loan device, provided it is still under warranty


We hope that you are able to take advantage of this offer. In supporting Noel Leeming you are also supporting the College.

The school will not be selling or leasing devices.

Devices can be purchased from any of the “high street” suppliers (Noel Leeming, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, etc.) or from a number of online stores.

Noel Leeming is our preferred supplier of BYOD devices to students. The College has an agreement with Noel Leeming that provides guarantees around servicing and support. This partnership will provide you with guaranteed minimum pricing on a range of devices from different manufacturers and a support package that is unmatched and designed to make things easy for you.

In addition, Noel Leeming provides the College with a rebate on all purchases (not just IT). By supporting Noel Leeming, you are supporting the College.

Bundle Offer Discounts

Noel Leeming works with the College to select specific devices that are perfect for BYOD and then bundle these up with the essentials needed to protect your school device for years to come.

These bundles represent much better value than if you were to buy these items directly in store yourself.

Of course you do not have to buy the bundle and can purchase the device only.  Ask in store for pricing to compare.


The Noel Leeming Advantage

Device Loan

Noel Leeming maintains a pool of loan devices for Rangitoto student devices at the Albany store.  A loan device is likely to be available when a student’s device is being repaired or for a period of time if it has been lost or stolen.  Loan devices are only available to current students of Rangitoto College who purchased their devices at Noel Leeming and the device is in warranty.  We recommend taking a 3 year warranty option to ensure maximum use of this benefit.

Dedicated 0800 Support                                                                                            

Customers who have bought a device at Noel Leeming have direct access to the Contact Centre Repairs team.  The customer can call the 0800 number for any problem associated with using the device. If the problem is not able to be solved over the telephone, the customer can either take the device to the Albany Store (recommended if a loan device is likely to be required - see below) or alternatively arrange a time when the repair will be attempted at the College.

Guaranteed Price Match                                                                                                           

Noel Leeming will match the price on the same product from any of the “high street” stores.  

Free In-Store Training

Purchase any device at Noel Leeming and receive a free in store half hour training session with the Open Learning Centre.

National Support

Noel Leeming has over 75 stores nationwide, so if you’re on holiday and have a problem you can drop in and see any store across the country.


Noel Leeming is the only technology retailer that offers Flybuys on the sale of IT devices. 

Extended Warranty and the Consumer Guarantees Act

It is important to note that the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) can extend past 12 months cover depending on the nature of the goods, the price paid, the information on the goods or package and other factors.  There is a summary of your rights as a consumer in the booklet and there is further information on the Consumer Affairs website - click here.

The value of the Extended Warranty is that any electrical or mechanical faults that will be covered during the manufacturer’s warranty period will be extended out an additional 2 years (based on the manufacturer offering 1 year).  In addition to this the Supercover Warranty offers cover for malfunction due to normal wear and tear.  The CGA also covers this however it is dependent on specific circumstances, e.g. power surge cover, which again in certain circumstances may be covered by the CGA and Price Protection.  There are a range of other benefits outlined in the Supercover Warranty booklet.

Click here to see the Supercover Warranty booklet.