Other Activities

Amnesty International 

"My only power is my voice and my pen, with which I speak and write".  Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian Lawyer and is the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her human rights work.

Amnesty International, acting as a social conscience to the world, is focused on writing and speaking about Human Rights abuses.  The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights is based on the idea that all people, all over the world, are equal and should have the same Human Rights as everyone else.  According to these rights, people are entitled to life, liberty and security. Many countries, like New Zealand, incorporate these Human Rights into their laws. Sadly, however, some countries do not.

The main focus for the Tuesday lunchtime group at Rangitoto College is raising awareness about these abuses/violations and empowering the students to try and make this a better world by writing letters, organising petitions and supporting fundraising activities.  The letters are formal and polite and are forwarded to those governments and organisations that show blatant disregard for the rights and dignity of their fellow men and women.  With a membership of over 240 students, this group has a strong voice on campus for the recognition of human rights worldwide.

Each year Amnesty challenges all their members to focus on a specific Human Rights issue e.g. freedom of expression, the plight of prisoners of conscience, child soldiers, the use of cluster munitions, etc etc..

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", Edmond Burke

So learn more, take action and be part of the solution! Join the amnesty group! Contact Ann Wilson for more information.


Cambodia Service Project

You might not be able to change the world, but you can change the world for poor families and disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

The Cambodia Service Project began in 2007 and since then more than 275 senior students and 45 staff have been involved in this project, which has seen us raise over $270,000 for humanitarian projects in Cambodia.

The focus of the Cambodia service project is building houses and providing water wells for poor rural Cambodians. These people are the poorest of the poor in their village and they are chosen by the village council to be part of the house-building project. Our project runs in conjunction with the Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia. They help the families to set up a savings plan so that they can buy the land on which their house will be built. Despite the fact that the land might only cost US$40, saving this amount of money might take a family 3 or 4 years. Rangitoto College students spend a year raising the funds to build the houses and wells. Each year we fund 8 houses and 8 wells in a village that is part of this scheme. It costs US$12,000 (about NZ$18,000 in 2019) to pay for the houses and wells. In the September/October holidays each year, staff and students fly to Cambodia, build the houses, and then present them to each family in a ceremony at the end of the day. In 2019, we built our 100th house and provided our 40th well.

We also raise funds to help a small school provide resources for their students in Kompheim Village near Siem Reap. In Phnom Penh, we donate funds to New Future for Children and to Centre for Children’s Happiness, which help disadvantaged children gain an education, and work skills that will improve their chances of securing work that will enable them to improve their life chances and escape poverty. CCH works primarily with children who live on the city rubbish dump.

Applications for this experience open in July each year and up to 25 senior students are chosen to participate. There is an expectation that the students selected will be fully involved in the fund raising activities. This commitment culminates in going to Cambodia and building the houses and visiting NFC and CCH.

So far, we have changed the lives of 100 families by providing them with a secure home. We have helped disadvantaged children by investing in their education.

Contact Michelle Parkinson for more information.


Chinese Night

With over one hundred student participants and six hundred members of the audience, Rangitoto College's Chinese Night is an annual student-run event that showcases and celebrates the cultural diversity of our school.

Every year, talented students prepare a variety of performances, from traditional martial arts to contemporary hip-hop, that never fails to leave the audience in awe. Rangitoto College, like a microcosm of New Zealand society, is an extremely culturally diverse community. As such, we pride ourselves in being a welcoming school and, therefore, it is important for us to make all students feel included through celebrating and recognising everyone’s ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Through providing students with an encouraging stage to perform on, it not only builds their confidence but also provides a chance for other students to be exposed to, understand, and appreciate their peers and the Chinese culture.

Chinese Night is fully organised and run by students. And so, participating in Chinese Night is also a great opportunity for young adults to take on responsibilities, practise their time-management, and learn problem-solving skills. Contact Yvonne Lee for more information.

Creative Club

Creative Club is an inclusive environment where we explore creativity through a variety of different mediums. It is a fun place to share new ideas, learn and discover skills.  Contact Magritta Strulick for more information.


Creative Writing

Dumbledore once said, “In dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own”. In creative writing, we can expand that world and share it with others.

All students are welcome to come along to our regular meetings, on Tuesdays at lunchtime, regardless of their writing experience. For those who wish for prompts, we provide a different task at each meeting, including visual prompts, sentence starters, and the offer of limitations to encourage creative thinking. For those with different preferences, including students who are writing their own established stories, we offer a quiet, focused environment where feedback is available.

Students who come to our meetings are not required to attend every session; we function on a casual basis so that members can get the time and support that they need. Opportunities for competitions are available throughout the year for students with more ambitious intentions. 

Contact Seth Davies or Paula Walters for more information.



Rangitoto College has an excellent tradition in debating. The College competes in the Advanced, Senior and Junior grades of the Auckland Schools Debating competition. This means Year 9 to Year 13 students can compete against their peers from other schools. We also compete in the Premier Russell McVeagh Impromptu Competition and have won the Auckland title in recent years. Students have been awarded Auckland and National representative honours. The school continues an internal debating competition throughout the year to encourage newcomers in basic debating skills and build their confidence. Contact Andrea Meeks or Thomas Shadbolt for more information.


Diabolo Group

Diabolo is a traditional Chinese sport that involves an object resembling a giant yo-yo. The club is not limited to technical skills, and through working with each other, teamwork, leadership and communication skills are developed. It’s a fun and lively activity to do with your friends!

Rangitoto’s Diabolo club has a rich history with the current group meeting up three times a week to refine old tricks and learn new tricks. These tricks vary from “Cat’s Cradle” to “Vertax”. There are many opportunities in Diabolo, one of which is the Chinese night performance, a highlight of each year. Diabolo members are able to showcase their hard work and cool tricks while simultaneously learning independence and cooperation towards a unanimous goal. Anyone interested in joining the club is welcome and no previous experience is required. To join, simply visit one of our practices - after school in the Sound Garden, on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays.


Duke of Edinburgh 

The Duke of Edinburgh Programme at Rangitoto College continues to encourage good numbers of students to take part in the young New Zealander’s challenge. The challenge has three levels – bronze, silver and gold. Students complete a training course covering skills such as outdoor first aid, navigation and outdoor survival. These skills are then tested in expeditions and overnight tramps. Contact Mallory O'Brien for more information.



Esports is certainly growing in popularity, with Rangitoto College students being especially successful. We have teams participate in all of the high school competitions on offer. Playing Esports teaches all the skills gained from normal sports, including teamwork, determination, strategy etc., but without significant physical exertion. The games currently being played in high school competitions are League of Legends, Clash Royale, Rocket League, NBA 2K, and DOTA 2. There is generally no charge for entry, but there have been significant prizes on offer. Our teams have won keyboards, mice, headsets, special skins, in-game currency, and twice we’ve had a team flown free of charge to Australia. Our premier League of Legends team has been incredibly successful, winning the NZ title for three straight seasons and being the only team to win the Australasian champs - we’ve won twice in a row and the competition has only been running for 2 years. Contact Stephen Gardiner for more information.


Environmental Club 

For over 5 years students have been giving up their Saturday mornings to help the rejuvenation of native bush in the college grounds. We have planted kauri, rimu, cabbage tree, puriri and hundreds of other native tree species. With climate change in the news, these students are making a difference.


ICT Explorers Club

Young ICT Explorers is a competition held annually by SAP, Australia. Students are able to participate in the competition to showcase their skills and knowledge in any area of ICT Robotics or Electronics. The students involved, design, test, prototype and manufacture working models of a project of their choice. The students then present to a panel of judges to see who will be crowned the Young ICT Explorer for each year group.

Meetings are held at lunch times, once a week, to discuss the competition, students projects and to keep track of their progress, in anticipation for the final judging day. Young ICT Explorers has been running for 2 years now and we hope to continue it into the future.  Contact Ashley Longstaff for more information.



Ignite is a student-run Christian group at Rangitoto College. At Ignite we’re all about bringing the Christians together, to encourage and support each other. The popular ‘Stump the Christian’ lunchtime forums are sure to be back this year as well as crazy fun stuff like ice-cream eating competitions. We also put our energies towards fundraising for worthy causes.


Journalism Club

The Journalism Club encourages like-minded, socially conscious students to bring current events and opinions to the forefront of student journalism. The Oracle, the journalism club’s online student-designed site, combines the work of a team of student writers, as they strive to give the students of Rangitoto College a louder voice in the community. Students are encouraged to write about topics that interest them, producing a range of pieces on politics, films, music and the future of our planet.  Contact Jazmyn Rimington for more information.


Junior Shakespeare 

Junior Shakespeare is an opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students at Rangi to have their fifteen minutes of fame. With the help of teachers, groups of students prepare short versions of Shakespeare's plays and present them on the stage in front of their friends and family. Anybody is welcome to participate because the emphasis is on fun - no acting experience necessary! 


Korean Night

Each year, an audience of over 600 comes to enjoy one of the biggest cultural annual events, “Korean Night”. Many self-motivated students along with the help of teachers, make the night filled with beautiful traditional and modern performances: including the Doll dance, Fan dance, Taekwondo, Nanta, and Mask dance, with a mix of modern K-pop. 

When the excitement fills the auditorium, all their hard work prior preparation comes into action. Seeing the performances come alive, we can sense the students’ hard work through their professionalism on stage. Through this, we are able to introduce the Korean culture to the wider community, as this is our main goal of the event. 

This self-run event prepares the students to work together and possess the school values such as pride, respect, courage and excellence.  Diversity is one of the key aspects and  we encourage many students from different backgrounds and ethnicities to participate in the various performances.

With the improvement of the quality of the performances throughout the years, students are dedicating more time and effort into preparing for Korean Night, and we feel proud to introduce our Korean culture within Rangitoto to everyone. Contact Hyung Lee for more information.


Latin Club

Latin: the dead language that is very much alive.

Whether you want to learn Latin because you’re thinking of entering the medical or legal professions, or are just curious about the language JK Rowling used to create those fantastic spells in ‘Harry Potter’: carpe diem!  Contact Keli Young for more information.


Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) at Rangitoto College is a student-lead club that aims to raise awareness of the ongoing human rights crisis in North Korea, whilst raising funds to help the refugees in their journey out of North Korea!

Joining LiNK is a great way of actively giving a hand to the North Korean people in their journey to freedom, whilst having fun while you do it. We hold a variety of events in order to fundraise for North Korean refugees which anyone can take part in! This year, we held a Market Day at Browns Bay Market and a Movie Screening at Berkeley Cinemas. It was great to see all our amazing humanitarian members enjoying themselves at these events and we can’t wait to see you in future events! All profit we made from these events went straight to the LiNK headquarters to help with refugee rescues. We also host various educational workshops and documentary screenings to raise awareness of the North Korean people.

We have so much more planned for next year so we can’t wait to see you in LiNK soon! Contact Yvonne Lee for more information.


Programming Club

Our programming club is student led and runs at lunchtime. It caters for beginners and experienced programmers alike, but starts with the basics each year. Content varies depending on student interest, but in 2019 students worked together to develop ‘AI’ programs which battle one another on the big screen and then learnt how to make 2D games entirely with code. Contact Stephen Gardiner for more information.


Random Acts of Kindness Group 

The Random Acts of Kindness Group has a vision to see students taking part in serving their local community through acts of kindness. Students are asked to undertake personal 'acts of kindness' as well as group challenges.

This year in Term One students put lollies under a random selection of chairs in every classroom. In Term Two the group made muffins and morning tea to surprise teachers and support staff. A challenge was also put to the whole school to do three acts of kindness and thus pay it forward. In Term Three the group will work in collaboration with the Soft Technology department to help raise money for cancer research through a fund raising fashion show

The group is looking forward to working on more projects next year. Membership of the group exceeds 200 students but new members are always welcome!

It has been an exciting journey to see what potential the group would have when working together.  They have shown that random acts of kindness can make a difference. 



Students against driving drunk is an organisation set up to promote the responsible use of alcohol but more importantly to encourage College students to never drive when drunk or to get into a car with a drunk driver. Responsible and committed senior students are nominated to run this student based activity. SADD is one of the biggest cultural groups and this is very encouraging as a responsible attitude to alcohol in our North Shore society is essential to the safety and well being of our citizens both at school and in the wider community. 


Scale Model Club

Do you enjoy making kit-set scale models? If so, please join a group of like-minded students in A23, Wednesdays, 3:30 – 5pm. Contact Carolyn Higham for more information.



The nationwide competition Showquest is a platform that allows students to showcase their performing arts skills by combining Dance, Drama, Music, Art and Technology.

With the support of staff, a student lead production team create, produce and design an original theatrical production that’s performed at a professional venue, such as Spark Arena or the Aotea Centre. This event is open to ALL students from Year 9 – 13. Please note that students need to be in a position to commit to rehearsals that take place both afterschool and during the weekend. Interested students should keep an eye out in the daily notices for audition information towards the end of term 1. Showquest is a great opportunity for students to bring their creative visions to life, and to make some new friends along the way. Please contact Anna Taylor for more information.


Spoken Word Poetry Club

The Spoken Word Poetry Club is a space where students from all levels come together to write poetry and share their work with others.

This club is a supportive environment for students of all year levels. The club runs on Thursday lunchtimes in the classroom E11.  Everyone who is interested in writing and is keen to support others in their writing journey is welcome. If you attend, you are not expected to share your work. Please contact Cameron Lacey for more information.



Founded in 2015, UNICEF@Rangitoto has been positively impacting the school in many ways. And since then, with the goal of protecting every child’s human rights in mind, UNICEF@Rangitoto has been organising dozens of campaigns and activities to raise not only funding but also awareness for child poverty both domestically and internationally. The group is largely run by a team of leaders who facilitate the co-ordination of the events such as fundraising movie screenings, and providing opportunities for general members to display their artistic skills through the UNICEF@Rangitoto Noticeboard. Meetings are often held weekly by the team leaders, with general member meetings being called when needed. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved in social actions that positively impact other young people around Aotearoa and the globe.  Please contact Alysha Dennison for more information.


UN Youth Club

Encouraging young people to help create change in their world in the spirit of the United Nations.

UN Youth is a student led programme that allows students to take part in a variety of activities designed to create a greater knowledge of world affairs. This is run in conjunction with the UN Youth programme that has developed a range of exciting events for New Zealand youth. More information can be found on https://unyouth.org.nz/.

One of the key events throughout the year is the RangiMUN – where students spend a day debating key issues facing the world. This is a great way to learn about concerns facing society.

Please contact  Rebecca Place or Morgan Grey for more information.


VR Club (Virtual Reality)

The VR club is new to Rangitoto College in 2019 with the acquisition of an HTC Vive VR headset. It is largely student led and run after school. The group contains members with passions in Graphic Design, Coding, Level Design and 3D Modelling and provides a space in which their talents can be realised. Students learn to use Unity for VR development and work in a team with a shared Git repository. It provides a valuable opportunity to learn leadership and management skills in a fun and risk-free environment. It is open to all year levels, currently containing students from all year levels with varied skill levels. The group are currently working on a very innovative game where you are a hamster and have to navigate the world whilst trapped in a hamster ball. You don’t have to be a coder – game development needs all types. Contact Stephen Gardiner for more information.


Wire Crafts Club

Fine wire and bead jewellery and mini-sculptures are made by students in A23, Tuesdays, 3:30 – 4:30pm.

NB: Students are to keep their eye on the daily notices, in case of cancellation, especially during exam time. The Wire Crafts Club will most likely conclude at the end of this year, as the student who runs it will be finishing school. Contact Carolyn Higham for more information.