Other Activities

Amnesty International 

"My only power is my voice and my pen, with which I speak and write".  Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian Lawyer and is the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her human rights work.

Amnesty International, acting as a social conscience to the world, is focused on writing and speaking about Human Rights abuses.  The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights is based on the idea that all people, all over the world, are equal and should have the same Human Rights as everyone else.  According to these rights, people are entitled to life, liberty and security. Many countries, like New Zealand, incorporate these Human Rights into their laws. Sadly, however, some countries do not.

The main focus for the Tuesday lunchtime group at Rangitoto College is raising awareness about these abuses/violations and empowering the students to try and make this a better world by writing letters, organising petitions and supporting fundraising activities.  The letters are formal and polite and are forwarded to those governments and organisations that show blatant disregard for the rights and dignity of their fellow men and women.  With a membership of over 240 students, this group has a strong voice on campus for the recognition of human rights worldwide.

Each year Amnesty challenges all their members to focus on a specific Human Rights issue e.g. freedom of expression, the plight of prisoners of conscience, child soldiers, the use of cluster munitions, etc etc..

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", Edmond Burke

So learn more, take action and be part of the solution! Join the amnesty group!



Rangitoto College has an excellent tradition in debating. The College competes in the Advanced, Senior and Junior grades of the Auckland Schools Debating competition. This means Year 9 to Year 13 students can compete against their peers from other schools. We also compete in the Premier Russell McVeagh Impromptu Competition and have won the Auckland title in recent years. Students have been awarded Auckland and National representative honours. The school continues an internal debating competition throughout the year to encourage newcomers in basic debating skills and build their confidence. Contact Andrea Meeks or Thomas Shadbolt for more information.


Duke of Edinburgh 

The Duke of Edinburgh Programme at Rangitoto College continues to encourage good numbers of students to take part in the young New Zealander’s challenge. The challenge has three levels – bronze, silver and gold. Students complete a training course covering skills such as outdoor first aid, navigation and outdoor survival. These skills are then tested in expeditions and overnight tramps. Contact Mallory O'Brien for more information.


Environmental Club 

For over 5 years students have been giving up their Saturday mornings to help the rejuvenation of native bush in the college grounds. We have planted kauri, rimu, cabbage tree, puriri and hundreds of other native tree species. With climate change in the news, these students are making a difference.



Ignite is a student-run Christian group at Rangitoto College. At Ignite we’re all about bringing the Christians together, to encourage and support each other. The popular ‘Stump the Christian’ lunchtime forums are sure to be back this year as well as crazy fun stuff like ice-cream eating competitions. We also put our energies towards fundraising for worthy causes.


Junior Shakespeare 

Junior Shakespeare is an opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students at Rangi to have their fifteen minutes of fame. With the help of teachers, groups of students prepare short versions of Shakespeare's plays and present them on the stage in front of their friends and family. Anybody is welcome to participate because the emphasis is on fun - no acting experience necessary! 


Random Acts of Kindness Group 

The Random Acts of Kindness Group has a vision to see students taking part in serving their local community through acts of kindness. Students are asked to undertake personal 'acts of kindness' as well as group challenges.

This year in Term One students put lollies under a random selection of chairs in every classroom. In Term Two the group made muffins and morning tea to surprise teachers and support staff. A challenge was also put to the whole school to do three acts of kindness and thus pay it forward. In Term Three the group will work in collaboration with the Soft Technology department to help raise money for cancer research through a fund raising fashion show

The group is looking forward to working on more projects next year. Membership of the group exceeds 200 students but new members are always welcome!

It has been an exciting journey to see what potential the group would have when working together.  They have shown that random acts of kindness can make a difference. 


RFM Radio 

RFM is Rangitoto College's very own radio station. The station was founded in 1998 based on the principles of the 'Safer Schools' nationwide initiative. One of the main aims of the station is to promote a more positive and calm school environment both promoting ideas that relate to student safety and pastoral care as well as school spirit. The actual music and D.J. chat is also considered to be a way to ease tension in the playground by providing students with a pleasant diversion. 10 groups of 3 or 4 students conduct a broadcast at lunchtimes - one group per day across a fortnightly cycle. The broadcasts are transmitted on 88.1 fm as well as on speakers in B and C block. The students play a wide range of music from contemporary hits to classic favourites as well as international music. 



Students against driving drunk is an organisation set up to promote the responsible use of alcohol but more importantly to encourage College students to never drive when drunk or to get into a car with a drunk driver. Responsible and committed senior students are nominated to run this student based activity. SADD is one of the biggest cultural groups and this is very encouraging as a responsible attitude to alcohol in our North Shore society is essential to the safety and well being of our citizens both at school and in the wider community.