Junior Librarians

A chance for students to help spread their love of reading.

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Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Training session at the start of each year and meetings at the end of each term. 

Location: Library reading rooms

The Junior Librarian program allows students to give back to the school while also promoting their love of reading.

Junior Librarians’ hardwork and dedication helps keep the library running smoothly, as they return and issue books, reshelve those that have been read, and help to create the wonderful atmosphere that makes the Rangitoto College library such a special place.

Their enthusiasm for reading is infectious and the recommendations of books that they make helps to encourage others to read widely, as well as engage with the range of opportunities available to them through the library. With discussions about their latest reads and a wealth of information about the books the library has available, the Junior Librarians provide an invaluable resource. 

For the Junior Diploma, Year 9 and Year 10 students need to consistently attend their rostered librarian session for their service to qualify.

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