Hug a Tree

Do you want to protect our environment for future generations? Hug a Tree is an environmental club which runs fundraisers to support local and wider New Zealand conservation projects. Hug a Tree also provides avenues for students to get involved with conservation efforts and volunteer outside of the school.

Contact Details

Teacher(s) Involved: Miss. O’Brien



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Thursday lunchtime – see daily notices for further updates.


Location: No weekly meetings.

  • Weeding bee at Bayside Reserve
  • Weeding bee at Bushglen Reserve
  • All other fundraisers will be occurring within the school grounds


Scheduled events: 

  • Bake sale – date to be determined – Term 2
  • Reserve weedings – occuring monthly at Bushglen and Bayside Reserve
  • Reserve planting – June to July – date to be determined (at Bushglen Reserve)
  • Raffle for Kauri dieback – date to be determined – Term 2
  • Earring and pot making – date to be determined – Term 3
  • Grasshead making – date to be determined – Term 3

Hug A Tree club is centred around raising awareness around restoration of local reserves; while also supporting conservation efforts through providing physical assistance to these events such as Bushglen Reserve weeding and trapping. We also raise money to support local conservation projects to restore our beautiful communities and reduce the impact of urban densification.

Hug a Tree will be hosting numerous fundraising and volunteering events for conservation efforts around the shore to help protect our environment and begin to address some of the impacts of densification and urban development.

Through Hug a Tree, students will be able to get involved in planting and volunteering with organisations such as Restore Hibiscus and Bays, which are tackling invasive species and pollution.  Some of our planned events this year to support our community include pot and earring making, candy floss sale and plant growing competitions.

Participation in Hug a Tree counts towards the service element of Rangitoto Summit Diploma.

Find Us

564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand