Rangitoto College Annual Blood Drive

An opportunity for students aged 16 and above to support the NZ Blood Service by donating blood.

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Meeting times or event scheduled dates:  8th & 9th June 2022

Location:  Rangitoto College Auditorium

Rangitoto College has a long history with the NZ Blood Service by hosting a 2 day annual blood collection

New Zealand hospitals require 3,000 units of blood every week. Collecting blood from Rangitoto College not only provides a valuable contribution, but more importantly helps to educate students on the importance of blood donation, encouraging them to be lifelong donors.

Support can also be given by the students in the Community and Service Committees who help organise this annual event and assist on the days. These committees have always been exceptional in driving the blood days. They visit every single senior tutor class and present at senior assemblies to encourage students to sign up using the blood service app. They also provide refreshments throughout the day for donors. School photographers also support by documenting the highlights of the day for the school publications.

2021 beat all other years’ records and we collected over 200 units of blood from both staff and students which converts to over 94 litres of blood. This could have saved up to 600 lives.

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