Record Scholarships at Rangitoto College

Monday, 10 April 2017 - 3:15pm

The graduating class of 2016 have excelled themselves academically, achieving a record number of scholarships across a record number of subjects, cementing the school as one of the top academic colleges in the country.  In total, 100 scholarships were achieved by 70 students across 18 subjects, all records for the College.  Record numbers of scholarships were achieved in English (21), Media Studies (5), Technology (6) and Physical Education (8).  Of particular note is the fact that scholarships were achieved by so many students in so many disciplines, tribute to the deep impact of our scholarship programme and the exceptional teaching of our staff.

Outstanding scholarships, placing students in the top 0.3% of students New Zealand wide, were achieved in 6 different subject areas.  Our top performing student was Vivien Huang, a Year 12 student, who gained an incredible 5 scholarhips and was recognised nationally as an "NCEA Outstanding Scholar".