Attending school is directly linked to improved educational performance which should in turn lead to further learning opportunities.

The School’s attendance process is outlined in the Attendance Process downloadable. Tutor Teachers have explained this process to students to ensure that they are regularly checking their attendance record and following up with their parent/guardian to account for any unexplained absence.

Rangitoto College’s preference is for parents/guardians to use the PCSchool App or PCSchool Parent Portal to explain student absences. The PCSchool App has been updated for ease of use to ensure parents can retrospectively justify absences as well as current or future absences. If parents do have issues using the PCSchool App or PCSchool Parent Portal, we can still receive a parent/guardian signed, written note either prior to, or after an absence which must include the student’s name, student ID number, date of absence and reason for absence.

When using the PCSchool App or PCSchool Parent Portal, it is essential for you to keep login information private. Please do not share the login details with your child as this may compromise the integrity of the absence system. We would also ask you to monitor your child’s attendance on a regular basis via the PCSchool App or PCSchool Parent Portal. Should you have a query regarding your child’s attendance please contact their year level Dean.

Instructions on the PCSchool Parent Portal and PCSchool App absence notification, along with retrieving username/password for PCSchool can be found on this link.

You will note from the attendance process sheet attached, the key details are as follows:

• Students should check their attendance via PC School on a daily basis
• Parents and students will receive notification of outstanding unexplained absences on the Monday of the week following an absence
• All absences must be accounted for by 11:00am of the Friday of the week following an absence
• Students who still have unexplained absences on the Friday of the week following an absence will receive a detention the following week
• Students will need a signed, written note from a parent/guardian to depart school during the day, or prior notification through the PCSchool App or PCSchool Parent Portal
• A signed, written note needs to include: Student name and ID number, dates, times, reason for absence
• PCSchool App/Parent Portal – Departing early: parents must provide expected return time or state ‘not returning’

We do hope this process will support the learning of all students at Rangitoto College. It is our belief that attendance is one of the key elements to successfor any student. With your partnership as a parent/guardian we can track regular attendance, respond to unexplained absences and work with students to achieve to their potential.